Shine-sa is your “go-to” for architectural compliance & council facilitation


Shine-SA is a consultancy firm operating in the “As-Built” or existing structures environment, where building plans need to be updated, occupation certificates need to be issued, or where other elements of compliance are required for insurance purposes.

We assist the relevant stakeholders to understand the costs, timelines, possible pitfalls and professionals involved, and once they are comfortable to proceed, we facilitate the process to completion.

Shine-SA, in a joint venture with 20/20 architecture, and in unison with all our partner-professionals, which include engineers, town planners, geologists, fire consultants, plumbers, electricians, gas specialists, solar specialists, contractors etc., make the impossible, possible, by bringing the right team to the table to get the job done in excellence.




Buyer & Seller Support

From R650

Insurance Compliance

From R25 000 per annum


From R2500

Shine-SA is your “go-to” for architectural COMPLIANCE & COUNCIL FACILITATION.

When homes require “updated building plans” and/or “legalizing of structures” it becomes an extremely onerous task as it contains so many different role players, each with their own part to play in the completed journey.   Shine-SA fills this gap in the market by bringing all costs, requirements, possible pitfalls and other relevant information together.  We help our clients understand the full picture and prepare them for what can be expected.  

We are passionate about helping people understand, and we attempt to break the information down in such a way that it can be processed by everyday citizens.  After our clients are informed and equipped we take their hands and help them up to completion of the project. By the time you have to pay us, we want you to do so with a smile.  We are not interested in keeping you in the dark just to get money out of you before we help you.  We want to help you understand, and then when you do, we want you to pay us for the excellent service your receive from us.

To inform and equip Property Professionals and Conveyancing Attorneys we offer Info Share Sessions.  The better informed, the better the service to the market. It also affords the Property Professional and/or Conveyancing Attorney the opportunity to connect their client to Shine-SA as an extention of their service, knowing that their client will be treated with excellence & integrity. Principals and Conveyancers are welcome to each out on to book your session.



We help you determine the best way forward, based on your requirements, when updated building plans are required:


  • QuickQuotes
  • Professional Assessments
  • Home Inspections
  • Architectural & Town Planning Support
  • Approved Building Plans & SDP’s
  • Certificates of Compliance
  • Occupation Certificates
  • Remedial Action

Insurance compliance

Compliance Assessments and supporting services available at a monthly fee as part of operational expenses:


  • Architectural, Fire, Electrical, Health, Engineering & Geological Compliance
  • Additional Maintenance Support
  • Architectural & Town Planning Support
  • Approved Building Plans & SDP’s
  • Internal Layout Changes
  • Certificates of Compliance
  • Occupation Certificates
  • Remedial Action


    For architectural & town planning professionals and/or home owners who dont have the inclination, time and/or energy to deal with council and all the hoops one has to jump for building plan & SDP  approvals, occupation certificates, as well as Pre-Consultations:


    • We specialize in City of Tshwane, City of Joburg, Madibeng, City of Ekurhuleni and Emalahleni, but assist all over South Africa
    • Flexible packages tailored to suit your needs
    • Submission Pack Reviews & Architectural QuickChecks
    • Effective communication between all parties involved
    • Occupation Certificate Facilitation also available
    • Town Planning Pre-Consultations