Shine-sa is your “go-to” for architectural & town planning support



Shine-SA is a consultancy firm specializing in helping home owners, buyers, conveyancing attorneys, property practitioners and all other stakeholders understand the costs, timelines, possible pitfalls and professionals involved with “updating building plans” and/or “legalizing structures.”  Once informed we then take your hand and walk with you through the entire process.

Shine-SA, in a joint venture with 20/20 architecture, and in unison with all our other partner-professionals, which include engineers, town planners, geologists, fire consultants, plumbers, electricians, gas specialists etc make the impossible, possible, by functioning in the role of a project manager once you have decided to continue the journey.

Outsourced Building Plan Approvals and Council Facilitation Services to other architectural professionals and clients who have their preferred professionals are also part of our offering. 

Our offering is backed by 20 years of client relationship management and consultancy experience.


Our passion has always been to inform and equip.  Shine-SA’s 9 Crucial Questions is a tool we designed to guide the general public into asking the correct questions when appointing a potential service provider, should the client decide not to partner with Shine-SA. 

The biggest challenge we have is trying to help clients compare apples with apples when quotes are provided.  There are many different parts to the whole process, and by unknowingly only purchasing portions of what is required results in non-completion of the process, and this in turn causes extreme frustration and disappointment, because money was wasted, and more money needs to be spent to complete the process.

Should a service provider be able to answer all 9 of our Crucial Questions, and their quote includes everything required to complete the process, and they are more affordable than Shine-SA, you need to make use of that service provider.  Perhaps first just check out their Facebook Page or Website to make sure they have a proven track record.  It is very common in the industry that an upfront payment is made, but then halfway along, the service provider disappears, or moves overseas or gets sick or find themselves in a situation where they are no longer able to assist. 

If you are still in the dark, reach out, and gain the knowledge you need to make the best decision for you and your household. 


Our Purpose is two-fold:

Equip home owners, potential buyers, property professionals, conveyancing attorneys and related service providers with knowledge and understanding when it comes to “updating of building plans” and/or “legalizing of structures.”  We empower people to make informed decisions based on all the relevant information and then take their hand until completion of the journey.

Provide support services to the architectural & town planning sectors and other professionals enabling them to function more effectively, saving time and saving money.


Create a “go-to” place for architectural & town planning support and related professional services aimed specifically at home owners, potential buyers, property professionals, conveyancing attorneys and related service providers, while offering professionals like architects, town planners, engineers etc. outsourced options which assist them to run their operations more effectively, saving them time and money.


We combine our knowledge and expertise with that of our network of trusted partner-professionals to ensure our clients have a comprehensive understanding of all the relevant costs and timelines involved in their project before having to appoint a professional.

We leverage our own experience of client relationship management, council processes, load shedding schedules, marches and strikes and relationships within council to provide outsourced services to other professionals like architects, town planners etc.




Continuous Improvement