Shine-sa is your “go-to” for architectural compliance & council facilitation



Founded in June 2021, Shine-SA is a consultancy firm passionate about providing the complete picture regarding costs, timelines and possible pitfalls in the “As-Built” environment, especially where updated building plans and/or occupation certificates are required. 

Founder, Alicia Burr-Dixon, was in the fortunate position of being exposed to the architectural environment by her husband, Adolf Burr-Dixon, after almost 11 years in the financial sector (commercial credit) as a sales consultant and key account manager. Starting as a “runner” for Adolf’s firm,  20/20 architecture, she quickly gained a valuable understanding of council processes and what the architectural role entails. With a fine eye for identifying gaps which hinder the client experience, she noticed the gap of firstly bringing all the costs together for the client to make an informed decision, and then taking responsibility to execute in excellence by firstly finding, and then partnering with the right people.

Over the last 3 years we have built up a network of partner-professionals aligning with our core values of excellence and integrity, which enables us to tackle every project head-on. Combined with almost 20 years of client relationship management experience, our clients are guaranteed the best service and competitive prices.



Our passion has always been to inform and equip.  Shine-SA’s 9 Crucial Questions is a tool we designed to guide the general public into asking the correct questions when appointing a potential service provider, should the client decide not to partner with Shine-SA. 

The biggest challenge we have is trying to help clients compare apples with apples when quotes are provided.  There are many different parts to the whole process, and by unknowingly only purchasing portions of what is required results in non-completion of the process, and this in turn causes extreme frustration and disappointment, because money was wasted, and more money needs to be spent to complete the process.

Should a service provider be able to answer all 9 of our Crucial Questions, and their quote includes everything required to complete the process, and they are more affordable than Shine-SA, you need to make use of that service provider. Perhaps first just check out their Facebook Page or Website to make sure they have a proven track record. It is very common in the industry that an upfront payment is made, but then halfway along, the service provider disappears, or moves overseas or gets sick or find themselves in a situation where they are no longer able to assist. 

If you are still in the dark, reach out, and gain the knowledge you need to make the best decision for you and your household. 


Our purpose is to fill the huge gap of bringing all costs together in one view, and avoid, as far as humanly possible, those dreaded “hidden costs”

Combined with superior client service and taking responsibility of solving the problem, our the clients receive the service they pay for.


Create a “go-to” place where our clients are equipped to fully understand the implications of a project before appointing a professional.

Once our clients are informed and would like to proceed, we take their hands and walk them through the journey of completion, effectively, and in excellence, saving them time and money.


We combine our knowledge and expertise with that of our network of trusted partner-professionals to ensure our clients have a comprehensive understanding of all the relevant costs and timelines involved in their project .

We leverage our own experience of client relationship management, council processes, load shedding schedules, marches, strikes and relationships within council to provide services underlined with integrity and excellence.




Continuous Improvement